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Join Product Management in Healthcare to discover how product leaders are driving outcomes, scaling teams, and maximizing organizational impact in our rapidly evolving industry.

Recent research indicates that one of the key drivers of failure for startups is misunderstanding market needs. This contributes to the failures of roughly 42% of new businesses (CB Insights). Understanding opportunities – and seizing them – is where product leadership comes in.

Product leaders guide decisions around what should be built. They are interpreters that make sense of what’s happening as their organizations evolve rapidly. Product leaders balance business priorities, customer demands, and competitive pressures. Both strategic and tactical, this highly visible discipline is emerging as one that can be very difficult to execute well in the healthcare space.

The floodgates of funding, digitization, and internet-enabled competition are open. Businesses that build the best product the fastest will see outsized returns.

Join the conversation about how healthcare product managers, designers, researchers and other stakeholders can add meaningful value to their teams. Learn how the best product leaders optimize decision quality for entire organizations, increase development velocity, and navigate the unique constraints and opportunities in healthcare.

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